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Unique Containers

If its got a hole in the bottom put a succulent in it!

Succulents look amazing in just about anything – just match your container with your plants and you’re away.

We love recycling vintage china and old hand-made terracotta: pretty teapots and verdigris copper kettles look stunning frothing over with succulents. Many things inspire us – antique glass bowls, jugs and old china soup tureens and even chicken feeders.  What is exciting is to find something truly original that harmonises with the shapes and colours of the plants – and this can be anything!

Old flower pots are a great foil for succulents, particularly the tiny hand-thrown pots and especially those that are misshapen or cracked.  The other good thing about terracotta is that the pots are weighty enough to stop plant-heavy pots from toppling over. We can also stock a range of new, hand-thrown terracotta planters that are frost resistant and have good suppliers of high quality and reasonably priced containers. Our wall-hung herb pots are perfect for succulents to drape down and search for crevices to root into.

If a statement plant is what you are seeking, then if we don’t have what you want at the nursery, we can source it for you and match it with a container to your taste. Succulents are slow growing and can live for many years becoming more beautiful as they age. Large haworthias and succulent euphorbias can give any room a unique feel and the architectural shape of the plants can fit in with modern or more traditional settings. To set off these fantastic plants we can source some incredible pots ranging from pre-loved terracotta planters to modern and eye-catching containers.