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Living Frames

A miniature garden for your delight

Wooden frames overflowing with rooted succulent cuttings can look like a floral aquarium or lily pond when mounted vertically on a sunny wall.

Our ‘living’ pictures or frames are reminiscent of the Victorian carpet bedding schemes that are still seen in seaside towns, though you may see 3 dimensional plantings as well – colourful fish, birds and other animals now grace our coastal towns.

Many succulents are shallow-rooted and so don’t need a great depth of soil in which to grow. Sempervivums and sedums are natural spreaders and will soon mesh together to form a closely-knit carpet within a given form. More exotic succulents such as echeveria, graptopetalum and pachyphytum can be rooted into a frame or other shape from calloused over cuttings.  Once in position, a frame requires only low-level maintenance – some light trimming and the removal of dead leaves, and watering or misting every ten days during the summer. To do this, remove the frame down from the wall and lay it horizontally on a flat surface to water then rehang when the excess water has drained away.

Choose a size and a colour preference and we can custom-make a frame to suit your space. For frames made with cuttings of echeverias, sedums and other exotics it can take up to 12 weeks before the frame is ready for hanging. This is to allow the cuttings time to root into the compost. The cost of a 10 to 12″ square frame starts from £50 depending on materials and plants.

You can buy small  6” square wooden frames planted with sempervivums s from our Etsy store (see the link to the right on this page). The frames  come in three colour choices and you can either purchase a kit that comes with all you need plus full instructions, or a ready-made masterpiece!

*Please note that the frame MUST be placed in a position with a good light source. Special supplementary lighting can be used to help boost light levels, but a site visit may be required to establish whether this would be necessary with large installations to avoid disappointment.