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Green Roofs

A small oasis in the cityscape

Like many people we have been noticing the trend for using plants vertically on walls and on roofs. Most of these projects are on large-scale buildings – factories and the sides of hotels or offices, but there is no reason why similar things can’t be achieved on a domestic scale.

In many of our towns and cities, there are hundreds of single story extensions attached to the back of Victorian and Edwardian terraces – great for increasing space, but not very attractive when viewed from your bedroom window. We would like to turn these eyesores into something you (and your neighbours) will want to look at. We can create a small oasis for local wildlife as well as a beautiful living carpet of sedum and alpines.

If you don’t have a flat roof extension then we can give a ‘green roof ‘ treatment to a log or bin store, a shed or even a dog kennel! Nothing is too small – even bird and insect houses can be draped in succulents.

If you would like to find out more, ring to make an appointment where we will assess the structure that you wish us to work with and discuss what options are available as well as provide you with an outline planting plan and ideas on how to treat water run-off. The cost of the initial consultation starts at £50 that will be offset against your final bill should you decide you wish to proceed with the project.

The photograph below shows the Hardy Plant Society (Kent Group) display at the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show featuring a green roof created for their potting shed.