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Business Supplies

Succulents - perfect for business or pleasure...

We can supply a wide range of succulent plants from small to large and in differing quantities for business at competitive prices.

We specialise in supplying a wide range of succulent plants (including cacti) so can generally source both plants and pots to meet your requirements.

We pride ourselves in making sure that every plant we sell is of the highest quality and grown in soil that is best suited to their needs. Plants that are bought in are all repotted into our own bespoke and locally sourced compost before they leave us – this is peat-free and contains the right ingredients for your plants to get off to a great start.

Reliable suppliers of plants and high quality pots & containers has enabled us to complement our own propagating with a consistent supply of plants – vital to meet the demands of our customers. If you need plants quickly we can supply you with a variety of high quality plants from 5cm mixed succulents to pots of euphorbias and cactus over a metre tall – within a very short timescale.

If you need other tropical pot plants at short notice we can help there too – please don’t hesitate to ask for guidance.

Displays & Exhibitions

Need a special ‘on-trend’ idea to help set-off your products in a way that’s bound to pull in the customers? Why not use succulents from blueleaf plants to help? Contact us now to discuss what we can do to help you.

Set Designs & Props

Succulents are very versatile plants and can be used in a wide range of ways and we can be relied on to come up with a solution that is original and eye-catching.

We were approached recently with a request to source some plants that could be dyed to resemble water lilies for a film set. Of course, the plants were needed immediately and in large numbers, but a few phone calls later and we had sourced the succulents and arranged for their collection later that same day.

Corporate Gifts

A very popular and current idea is to give mini succulents as gifts to loyal and valued customers or staff. We have supplied several businesses recently and can guarantee a bespoke service that delivers promptly and efficiently.

Office Arrangements

We have some great suppliers of quality pots from terracotta and concrete planters to glazed ceramic and galvanised containers and can give advice on planting and siting of plants in the home and office. We of course specialise in creating bespoke succulent arrangements and will happily do whatever we can to meet your requirements from one-off containers to multiple orders.