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Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

Succulents are great fun to work with and because I work mostly with containers, there are some special tools I just couldn’t live without…

You don’t need to spend a fortune – substitute anything that is in easy reach. Fiddling with plants is one of my favourite pastimes – I could spend hours removing dead leaves from an echeveria…

  • Strong, straight tweezers or forceps for removing dead leaves or gripping your plant while you’re working round it
  • Mini long-handled trowel and fork for repotting – you can make your own using old cutlery
  • Chopsticks – for pushing or easing plants or moss into place
  • Long bladed secateurs (flower snips are good) – essential for getting close to your plant stems
  • Artist’s paint brushes in various sizes for cleaning and getting into crevices after mealy bugs
In winter, the rule of thumb is the colder the environment the plants are in - the drier you should keep them.