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Succulent Workshops with blueleaf plants

Succulents give a contemporary twist

We are running a series of new succulent workshops this year so if you fancy getting serious with succulents and don’t mind getting a little mucky come along and join us.


Succulents are very forgiving plants and great fun to play around and be creative with. If you want to try your hand at something different have a look at our succulent workshops – there should be one just for you!

For more details see the links to the individual page and complete the appropriate booking form (separate form for each venue) to secure your place.

You don’t need any special knowledge to join a workshop – any techniques will be explain clearly on the day. All participants can expect to take home a finished project at the end of the workshop and help will be given at every stage. We hope the day will be a fun experience with no pressures!

The Workshops are being held at two venues this summer: 15th century Godinton House in Ashford, Kent and RHS Partner Garden, Sussex Prairie Gardens near Brighton in West Sussex. (A special discounted joining fee is being offered to RHS members who sign up to a workshop at Sussex Prairies).